Anyone else hate the tiger palm stack?

I don't see how they can be compared to DK diseases when on my DK I use 1 GCD to apply both diseases and have to use 3 GCDs on the Monk to get my Tiger Palm stacked.

I haven't done any PvP yet but I don't see me using it much there because of the GCD it requires to be stacked. Only use it in PvE when dungeoning which I don't do much of right now as I'm not 90.
Also, as Brewmaster, at least at current gear levels: If you can't keep it stacked, you're doing it wrong.

Unless you've got obscene amounts of Haste, which won't happen until probably T15, you're gonna be hitting times with no Chi and no Energy, but TP costs absolutely no resources- so why not use it as filler? Now, sure, as WW TP costs 1 Chi, so that's not applicable for them, but as BM, if you can't keep TP stacked you're doing something incredibly wrong.
They're trying to keep the rotation "interesting," but constantly keeping track of those stacks is just annoying. I would say that mastery helps, but the mastery mechanic is similarly annoying. I'm a die hard martial arts fan, but playing monk just isn't all that fun atm. Tiger palm stacking and mastery need a rework, imho. If at least one of those things could be something passive, it would take some of the frustration away. Of course, making them both passive would be freaking awesome.
We need to stop encouraging the use of addons in this game...
#showtooltip Rising Sun Kick
/cast Tiger Palm
/sw :20
/script Stopwatch_Play()
Edit: Unless you want it to show your rising sun kick (cause it has no cd) change it to #showtooltip Tiger Palm

had a question about this, where is the /cast Rising sun kick?

it lit a light in my brain about a macro for the 2 spells to a 1 hit button
I'm going to test out if using Crackling Jade Lightning to generate chi from range and just spam Spinning Fire Blossoms could work...

Spamming Blossoms does a surprising amount of damage, kinda makes me wish they had made windwalker a ranged dps spec too.

Running all around after things in melee when there's so many abilities just feels wrong.

If it were ranged, it would be tolerable, because that's pretty much how my warlock used to feel and that was fun.

But as melee?

I feel the reason its disliked is because the ability to keep the stacks up seems weak and unrewarding due to its indirect damage increase. Using tiger Palm can feel like a waste because the damage it causes basically goes unnoticed and is difficult to calculate.

I'm not really a fan of it myself.
10/10/2012 06:34 PMPosted by Kulade
Ive played since BC

RIGHT THERE is where I lost faith in you.
Just reapply it.

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