RAM upgrade help, ASUS P5Q-E Motherboard.

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Hello all,
My computer is rocking.........4 GB of RAM, I don't know how I got through the last 3 years with this much RAM though. I have 2 open slots still and looking for advice on what RAM to upgrade to. Looking to get at least 4 GB more of RAM. Any advice is appreciated.

ASUS P5Q-E Motherboard
I wouldn't bother to be honest. It uses DDR2 RAM, and these are fairly pricey nowadays.

RAM upgrade won't do much for your system, if at all. 4 GB, in fact, will run stuff perfectly fine, especially if using 32-bit OS.
It's 64-bit, moneys not that huge of an issue. Might need a new graphics card.

Edit: This game's the first game I've lagged significantly in since I built this computer 4 years ago. I lag hard in Orgrimmar and Shrine of Two Moons. I also start lagging after several hours of be on WoW making me restart it.
Even if you had 64-bit OS, performance improvement of going from 4GB -> 8GB RAM on your old DDR2-based system will be more or less 0%.

You should consider entire PC overhaul as your setup is outdated at this point. Your CPU will bottleneck any of good modern graphics cards.
Hrmm PC overhaul eh. Might consider it with Christmas coming up.
Your problem means the following:

1. CPU and/or GPU is overheating

2. WoW has required stronger system with each new expansion. Current Orgrimmar and the Shrine requires a modern CPU AND GPU in order to deliver good FPS with ultra settings.
Ok thanks for your help, it's helped a lot. Will look into a few things tomorrow!

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