WSG Jumping/teleport hack

So yea just wondering if blizz is doing anything about this, just had a priest jump into our base grab flag, jump back to his base and cap 3 time in a row finishing the bg in like 2 mins?
shameless bump
I just saw the same thing with a horde rogue
Had something like this happen to me today in a Twin Peaks. A paladin quickly Jumping 20 yrds at a time was pretty much unstoppable.
dat necro
on my hunter i love leaving an exploding trap on the teleport pad lol. They aint pulling that sh%& with me
It isn't a hack. It is Blizzard allowing pve items to yet again unbalance pvp. I made a ticket about it last week and a post on the bug forums.

It is a stupid little trinket that drops off a rarespawn that allows the person to get across the field faster than a mount.

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