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I am not a fan of melee DPS. Well, I am a fan of the people who melee, it's just not my playstyle of choice. If I'm not tanking I'd rather be on my priest pewpew'ing and melting face. That being said, I try to keep a DPS spec and gear handy for those times where a raid has a 1 tank fight, or someone else wants to tank but I need valor/gear etc from a run.

That DPS spec used to be frost, but I'm just not feeling it in MoP. I feel rune locked more than I used to and my DPS is embarrassing (granted the DPS gear I have isn't impressive). I didn't really like UH before, but curious if I should give it shot in MoP. What kind of tips/advice would the the more DPS focused DK brethren give?
If you feel rune starved, you could try DW. It operates using mostly single rune attacks (howling blast, DnD) and you'll spend more time being blocked by GCD than sitting around with a 2h eating up runes. Unholy plays faster than DW frost, mostly since 15% haste is a huge regen booster, and your attacks are just spamming Scourge strike and DnD. I've had periods of time in 2h frost this week where I'm literally waiting 5 seconds for 2 runes to refresh to do something. I hate the downtime but 2h does so much more single target I won't turn it down.

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