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Guild Recruitment
We are Late Night Alliance 10 man guild.
The Baelgun Server (PVE) is in PST
Raid times: Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs: 9:30PM-1:00AM PST

Guild has been together for over three years now and does not recruit anyone under 18 years old. We finished 2nd on server for Cata and will continue to be one of the top guilds on server.

Cataclysm Progression
8/8H Dragon Soul
7/7H Firelands
13/13H T12 bosses

Primarily seeking:
Healer: Hybrid Heals (Balance/resto druid or ELE/Resto shammy)
Dps: All exceptional dps applications will be considered (need a strong melee at this point)

Past Guild Highlights:
11/12 HICC
Realm First Grand Crusader
5/5 MH and 9/9 BT in BC

EPGP will be used for loot distribution. Guild ranks and looting priority is based upon maintaining a 75% minimal attendance. There will be a weekly 10% decay. Offspec and sidegrade items will be offered for 10%.

All members are expected to maintain a consistent attendance and be prepared for raids. We expect our members to research their class role and the encounter prior to each raid.

Apply at:

Feel free to contact Romarand, Elvenseeker, or any of our officers if you have any questions.

If your having problems submitting your application on our website, then post your application here.
Come and join us as we progress through all content MoP has for us.
If you have any questions please feel free to post here or contact officers in game.
Still no Shaman for group.
Still searching for experienced applicants
No more priests please =]
Looking for:

1 tank
1 hybrid dps/healer
and a few good dps to round out our 10.

If any interest please msg an officer in game or reply here and we'll get to ya as soon as we can!
In need of

1 hybrid(shaman/monk/druid/pally)

1 DPS (lock, shaman, warrior, rogue)

Come fill out our 10 man!
In need of

1 hybrid(shaman/monk/druid/pally)

1 DPS (lock, shaman, warrior, rogue)
I am a 472 ilvl, prot tank, willing to transfer servers....
How are you guys into MV? experience is to 3rd boss.
My buddy and I are looking to find a later PST guild, and holy !@#$ are those hard to find.

Ret Pally with extensive experience in a hard core raiding environment. Constantly pushed progression in BC / WotLK, stopped in Cata.

My buddy is a MW monk who has a WW offspec set. He also has about the same experience as I do. I know a ret pally isn't what you've recently listed, but let us know if we fit the bill and we'll put forth an application.
Branflakes: Please go to our website and follow the instructions for application to our guild.

Mustaphaleez: We have not gone in as a guild yet. With the level fo our raiding experience and individual strengths normal mode will most likely go quite quick. Please throw in an application via our website to be considered. Heroic experience is a plus considering thats our main focus in raiding tiers.
Still searching for exceptional applicants to complete our raid team. heroic experience preferred

1 hybrid healer
1 exceptional dps (strong melee would be nice)
Actively recruiting still get your app in today
..up up and away
n need of

1 hybrid(shaman/monk/druid/pally)

1 DPS (lock, shaman, warrior, rogue)

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