Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick buff please?

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So after many times looking through the mines where this spawns i finally get it after a server restart today. I was quite excited and sent it to my DK(my miner). I go around and start mining nodes in Jade Forrest. After about 20 nodes i realize i have yet to get a single gem. So i look on wowhead and see this is quite the norm. People reporting having well over 20 stacks of ore before they manage to find a single gem.

Now i know you took out the ability to come across gems while mining, and gave us this for those who wanted to seek it out for the chance at gems from mining. However compared to Cata/WotLK, the gem rate per node is quite low in MoP with this item in your bags. Are there any plans to buff it up at some point? Also wondering if it can be bugged out from having a Mining Pick in your bags that also has a mining buff on it(im using the +10 to mining, pick).

please buff it a little so its more comparable to what gem chances were during wotlk/cata :)
Oh, and compare to other LaF items in MoP, lets say the fishing item that allows you to find extra fish while fishing. The proc rate of the mining pick is multiple times lower to that. With the fishing item i usually get an extra fish every 4-6 casts. The mining pick i would guess is well over every 20+ nodes/casts.

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