Why numerous war dmg nerfs but 1 hunter nerf?

Just curious. Numerous damage nerfs to every warrior dmg ability - MS, Overpower, Slam, Execute...but only a nerf to hunters aimed shot?

No nerf to pet damage? Stampede dmg? Kill command dmg? Blink strike or Lynx rush?

It seems like both classes damage is out of control...so why address warriors but leave BM huntards untouched? What gives?

Because blizz hates warriors. I'd go in depth into various quotes but on the simple scale they don't like the overabundance of warriors in RBG's, or the idea of them.

And BM hunters are too much fun to watch defend in arena forums, I'm guessing.
Those changes are hotfix on the tooltip of the spell, they are already working like this, and warrior still need a nerf so they dotn global people in avatar mode
Honestly warriors are fine where they are now. Maybe that nerf on the gag order with pummel.
Overall I don't have a problem with it.
cuz hunters aren't excelling in pve

cuz hunters aren't excelling in pve


This is blizz's entire viewpoint for any class in pvp whatsoever, whensoever.
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Greg Street ‏@Ghostcrawler

Nearly all data-mined 5.1 class changes are old hotfixes that everyone already has. We haven't made many new 5.1 class changes yet.

warriors were already "nerfed".
those were tooltip hotfixes, warriors havent changed since release

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