[A] Wipe All Day 9/16H LF 1 Melee DPS

We are a 10m progression oriented group that raids three nights a week. We require our raiders have as close to 100% raid attendance, capable machines, working microphones, and the ability to communicate when necessary.

We are recruiting for our main raid which is currently:
6/6 Heroic MSV
3/6 Heroic HoF

Our raid times are Wednesday, Friday and Monday 7:30-11:30 PM server time.

We currently are recruiting a strong healer spot to push finishing this tier before 5.2 comes out, and to continue pushing to be a top guild on this server throughout the rest of this expansion.

We are looking to trial someone this week coming up. Ideally we are looking for the following
Fury Warrior

Contact in game: Slootypie (Slootypie#1532), Zishh or Darthium.
Bump for 6/6!
What faction are you?
I am looking for a new server and a new guild to join.

Im fine with going Ally and tbh would prefer it with the battle grounds right now :l.
I'm very interested in transferring to your server.
I also have a druid friend with gear equal to mine that is interested.
Updated list for heroic progression starting Wednesday!
grats on 6/6 guys!
wtb more qt fem draeneis!!!

pandas are only so qt ~_~
grats on 6/6 guys!
wtb more qt fem draeneis!!!

pandas are only so qt ~_~


Good point! Spoiler alert: QT Draenei's always get loot priority when they RP with Darthium.
469 iLvl dps warrior very interested, will send tell in game!
Bumps, and what not.
Need only a tank now
if u are looking for a mage add me because im looking for a core those days 470 fmage can pull 60k+dps
Need only a Prot Paladin or Warrior! Looking to bring one in this week to kick off heroic progression.
so why not use carth?
Your broseph
Bump for a good off tank. Preferably one with a DPS OS.

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