[A] Wipe All Day 9/16H LF 1 Melee DPS

Added a few more classes to the recruiting list. Looking to fill for this Wednesday.
Still looking to fill this spot! Where's all the good tanks at these days?!
Hi I was a pretty good pally tank in cata that downed H morchok, yorsahj, ultrax, and z'onozz pretty early but left the game a while because of personal reason.

Now I am playing a Prot War 465 iLevel 6/6 LFR, I don't know if youre interested or not. Been raiding since Cthun though I should not have a problem doing a 6/6 Normal with you guys with a little guidance. (have raided with all classes except DK and druid)
did u say good tank? PROTPALLAAAYYYYYYYYY
LF1 tank
gogo prot palllllllllllllly
11/05/2012 09:13 PMPosted by Deerez
gogo prot palllllllllllllly

RIP Protpally. :(
Bump for the recent edit.
How about a 473 ret, with 460 holy off set?
Looking for a dps spot 487ilvl feral set and 482 ilvl guardian set

I am looking for progression tho, i have a thread opened if any one knows of any guild currently recruiting dps ty
478 Blood DK. I also have a 481 rogue. Have tanked through 5/6 MSV. Looking for a solid Alt raid and possibly a spot for my rogue as the guild I am in now is having attendance issues.

EDIT: 474 DPS set
Bump for alt fundaysunday
Bump for one or two ranged DPS. Starting this Sunday!
We have ran this group clearing MSV with baddie pug DPS the lsat two weeks, if we could get a few solid DPS to round out the group we could be clearing MSV and getting into HoF easily with the time window we have.

Bring your alt or your raid-less character if you don't suck. Contact me in game!
still looking for an ele shaman?
Yes an els sham would be nice for our comp. Contact me in game.
Bump for new stuff.

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