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empress down.

lfm Mage/Hunter

How do I get in touch with anyone from the guild?
Hi Dnz, you can PM either myself, Daem or Ashecroft ingame or on forums or if you're interested in applying our website is;

I am naked and scared
Hi guys, still need a hunter? I'll be moving to Frostmourne within the next couple of days so I'll be sure to contact someone in-game. Cheers :)
Hello Frostmourne.

We are close to a Sha kill and currently considering the following classes for our 5.2 raid team;

High priority:
- Boomkin
- Mage

Mid priority:
- Rogue
- Windwalker

No priority:
Brewmaster... Shootz is all i need. Love you babe xoxox.

As always if you are exceptional at an unlisted class (other than brewmaster ;)) please feel free to apply anyway as there is always flexibility for amazing players. Meritocracy 4 lyf!~
recruiting windwalkers wtf why bother
Gratz on Sha Palawin & friends!
Congratulations guys, well done.
Well done lads. :-)
Thanks fronds :)
Best fronds
I am actually all three specs rolled into one. No more monks are required.
Thanks for the grats m8s :) just relieved the tier is finally over.
You guys still looking for a hunter?
m8 everybody needs hunters
Already filled hunter spot, mostly interested in boomkin right now

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