Flight Form: An Unfair Disadvantage

2007 called. It wants its whine back.
Why do people post as though they know something when they dont?

A: Druids cannot cast flight form while in combat
B: Druids cannot mine in flight form
C: Mages can farm nodes more efficiently by being able to without entering combat and porting around the world
D: Druids uniqueness is in their forms. We are no longer the only class to go to moonglade or the only healer class with HoTs. We are a jack-of-all-trades which means we can fulfill multiple roles by swapping forms. You mount, we bird.

By the way... Little tip. If u right click a node it is tagged to you. Even if u get attacked and dont finish getting it, it's yours. Less qq more pewpew leggo!
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spent the last 30 minutes typing and revising in

You whine about 1.5 seconds yet you spend 30 minutes typing a post?

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and the only advantage I have is "Heroic Leap"

Because you are a warrior? Role dictates you as a fierce fighter, not a nature loving gatherer like us. Plus charging critters is a good mobility. Being able to jump off a cliff and heroic leap to not take fall damage.

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Therefore, Druids will still have a slight advantage to their flying perk by being able to cast in combat

Nuff said

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You get trolled because you capslocked. Rule of forums sorry I just inforce em'.

10/12/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Sladverr
I do not want to be forced into making a druid

No one is forcing you. There are a lot of farmers who are other classes.
Point i'm making is, think this through before you type it.
Well if you've already engaged the mobs in combat, ANYONE can swoop in and loot it under you. It isn't a case of "druids can do it easier" here, literally any class has no problem running up and looting.

What druids are good at is looting stuff without pulling the packs at all. But really, nodes and quest items are so plentiful this xpac that while I greatly enjoyed the luxury on my druid I've barely noticed the inconvenience on my warlock.
10/12/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Tauramandil
Still chuckling .....
To each of you who insist on posting in attempts to troll me...

You hear that? That's the sound of me caring. It's nonexistent.
Have fun with your miserable lives.
10/12/2012 06:21 PMPosted by Sladverr
That's the sound of me caring

With all the crying you've done in this thread, and you're going to say you don't care.
I don't think you know what a disadvantage is, lol
You apparently do care. You made a thread over in the customer support forum complaining about how 'badly' you were treated here, and needed to exaggerate in it as well to get your point across, just as you've done in this thread.

The suggestion is made. Leave it at that and let the thread croak.

Edit: Just drop the commentary folks. There's really no need for this one to continue :/
I noticed a rogue flying around on a Disc of the Flying Cloud mining ore. Unable to resist, I decided to attack him - twice. Both times he was immune! So I guess other classes have 1-uped the flight form gathering with being immune to attacks AND able to gather. You bet...
Flight form is what MAKES a druid a druid. We're DRUIDS, we're supposed to be masters of shapeshifting and the natural world.

The fact that OP made a grammatical mistake in his thread title AND HAS YET TO ACKNOWLEDGE OR CORRECT IT shows that he is clearly either illiterate, or just a moron.

OP, "unfair disadvantage" means the OPPOSITE of "unfair advantage", which is what you meant.

With the title saying "unfair disadvantage", it shows that you are concerned for our flight form and think it is UNDERPOWERED.

Whats more; I'm thoroughly disappointed by the Druids of this thread (except a couple) having not pointed it out, which shows that you guys are just as retarded.
I'm fairly disappointed with myself. I didn't notice it until you said something. Haha.
The title of your thread doesnt make any sence at all considering your arguement. Do you really think people are going to take you seriously?

Let me help


I used BING because it has less letters than Google and Yahoo. if you dont know what disadvantage means you need all the help you can get.
Go make a druid and quit your !@#$%in'.
Some people just aren't happy unless they're !@#$%ing about something regardless of how small or irrelevant it is.

This is the first time I can recall posting on these forums, so please have patience.

I am making this thread today to complain about Druid's Flight Form ability. I believe it is causing druids to have an unfair disadvantage in a number of things such as: gathering professions, item looting quests (Stealing is bad, Re-Stealing is Okay, as an example). A druid can instantly cast into flight form to avoid monsters that other classes might be forced into combat with because our mounting cast time is 1.5 seconds. One way to make it more fair would be to make normal mounts have an instant cast time, rather than the current 1.5 seconds. As far as gathering professions, a Druid can pick up herbs with Herbalism without switching forms, so he/she can very quickly loot and jump from node to node, whereas another class would be forced to dismount, loot the item, then cast 1.5 second mount before he/she can proceed to the next node. I know it might seem "childish" to make a big deal out of a few seconds, but a few seconds here and there over an extended period of time really adds up. The last point I want to make is that flight form is unfair when doing loot-gathering quests, such as the daily quest for the Tiller faction called "Stealing is Bad, Re-Stealing is Okay." Just as with gathering professions, every other class must dismount before he/she can proceed to loot the items, then cast their mount which takes 1.5 seconds before they can move again. A druid can swoop in, loot the items IN FLIGHT FORM, then take off the instant that he/she is done looting the last item. It makes it much easier for druids to avoid excessive mob pulls by ending combat as soon as they pull the monster.

I am sure regular Druid players will defend their class by saying that I should play a druid if I want these luxuries, but what if I do not want to play a druid? I do not want to be forced into making a druid just because it has those unfair disadvantages over every other class. I play Warrior mainly, and the only advantage I have is "Heroic Leap" which allows me to cover a distance of 40 yards in a second, but with a 30-second cooldown (with the Glyph, of course). In an area where mounting is not allowed, it may be unfair, but it is restricted to those instances, otherwise, I would use a mount.

Did I make a good point? I hope so, because I've just spent the last 30 minutes typing and revising in hopes that changes would be considered, or even possibly implemented. Thanks for reading!

Note: Please refrain from any sort of name-calling or insulting. This is not meant to be a degrading post, just a post expressing my opinion on an obvious problem. Thanks!

It's a class perk, man.

Look at DKs, they get the best weapon enchantments in the game - FOR FREE.

Every class has their own unique bonuses that other classes are jealous of... just because warriors seem to be the only class with nothing special doesn't mean all the other classes should have things removed or homogenized.

Why don't you instead whine to blizzard to get something fun for warriors?
Umm, just like paladins and dks have faster mount speed... I think thats unfair as well, yet do I complain no, also those work in arenas, where flight form is useless there.

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