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Okay, so you guys know how there's the War Mount Quartermaster outside of the place where you go to buy pvp gear in org? And how he sells a bunch of war mounts like the Black War Kodo, Swift Warstrider and all of those other mounts? Yea, well, is there a Great Black War Dragon Turtle that you can buy from him? Because I went to him and I don't see any kind of dragon turtle. Do you have to be exalted to see all the mounts? Even to see the war mounts? Is there even a war dragon turtle mount you can buy from some pvp quartermaster? Plz Help!
No, there are no pvp mounts for cata or mop races.

And you can always see everything a vendor sells, items that require a higher rep then you have are simple coloured red.
Does such a mount exist? No.
Is there a PvP turtle mount? No.
Do you have to be exalted to see all of the mounts available? No.
If you wish to suggest a feature like that, then General Forums is your best bet. :)
Okay, thx so much everyone for your helpful comments! =)

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