IsHarmfulSpell / IsHelpfulSpell Broken

Bug Report
Currently, IsHarmfulSpell and IsHelpfulSpell are returning nil or nothing at all on a LOT of spells right now. Please blizzard, fix this soon as it's bugging out things on my action bar that are part of my UI that I am making.

To test this for yourself, run this in game and report what it says here.

/run print(IsHarmfulSpell("SPELL NAME"))

Running it for let's say, Immolate, is one such spell that is not returning anything.

/run print(IsHarmfulSpell("Immolate"))

While Chaos Bolt works fine.

/run print(IsHarmfulSpell("Chaos Bolt"))

Hope you guys fix this soon.
IsHarmfulSpell is nil (non-existant) for me. As such, it won't have a value when tried to be called as a function.

Nevermind.. for some reason it wasn't showing up. It is now.. so disregard.
Try it out on a few dps spells, post them here if they are showing up as nil or not returning anything so that we can get blizzard's attention! :)
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