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Just moved back here from Karagth, looking for a guild to raid with tues - fri 800 to 1130. tanked wrath, cata, and would like to tank mop but i am working both sets in case Im needed as fury.

My last guild I thought was serious about raiding this expansion after a ok cata raid team. well this week when first raid rolled around. half the core team didnt have the ilvl to even que for LFR. There were 3 toons in almost full pvp gear. to boot they were our fearless leaders yes I said it our officers. Setting a crap example off the shot. one of witch was my OT and kept wondering why he was getting his face smashed. but not gonna beat on that dead horse any more.

So we gave it a 2 hr go at the first boss. the best we got was 50% once bad tank was move from raid. we had 2 dpsers at 60k then tanks at around 40 and the rest of the dps was 30k.

So my point being I want to raid and kill !@#$. Not bash my face on a keyboard cause my raid is fail and has the gimmie %^-* for free attitude.

Now on to me. No one is perfect, by any means there is always room for improvement, with that said I think I'm a fairly good player and expect nothing my the best out of myself. I will expect the same from my raid team as well. I know everyone has a off night were your !@#$ just wont fall in place. on those night Ill sit myself so I don't hold back the raid.

I'm not the hardcore of the hardcore I don't wanna raid 7 nights a week for 8 hrs a night. 2 or 3 nights a week is awesome 8 to 1130. gives me time for dailies and maybe some grinding and time to que up with my girl.

you can look me up in game with real ID Titysprinkls#1146
Erogenous is a small guild looking for a Tank and Healer for one of it's two raid teams. We are not a hardcore raiding guild. We are a group of adults that like to raid and down content and do it in a fun enjoyable way.

We are interested in either a Druid or Pally Tank and either Druid, Pally, Shammy heals. Must know your class, know raids, be on time, and want to be there. As of right now, Food, Enchants, and Gems are covered by the guild...Flasks are required and up to you to provide your own. We are also looking for people who are 18+.

Current MoP Progression is 0/6. We decided to take the time to gear up and enjoy the new content and we would like to start raiding 10/17.

The raid team already has the following raid make up:
Blood DK Tank
Frost DK
Shadow Priest
Monk Healer
Holy Priest

Raid nights are Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:00 pm server to 11:30 pm server.

Message Holykittie (Holykittie#1435 is my battletag) or Thynar in game for more details. Thank you

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