Addons stopped working

UI and Macro
I started WoW up today, and all of my UI addon's seem to have stopped working. They are all enabled, the profiles are set correctly.

But my Xperl frames, Bartender, Chinchilla, the whole UI seems to have went back to default. I can't even get Bartender to show on the screen, it only shows Blizzard's Default action bars now.
Bugsack even says I have no errors as well.

Has anyone seen this since maintenance?
Click the "use out of date add ons" box in the add-ons selection screen.
My addons were all up to date. Thanks though for the suggestion. My UI was fine on Tuesday when I last logged on, but when I logged on today my custom UI completely RESET itself. I even lost a lot of my profiles for Bartender4. I had to find a backup I made from February's saved variables to get my profiles back for the most part.

Has anyone else seen this happen? Or know what could be causing this?
Do you erased your Wtf folder?

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