[H] <Facetious> 10M LF Resto Shaman

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Facetious is currently in need of a stellar Restoration Shaman for 10M progression into MoP. We are looking for raiders with experience in the class/role they are looking to fill. Raid nights are Tuesday-Thursday 9 PM-12 Central.

Perhaps you would be interested in a Trial with <Facetious>? Here's a little background;

This guild was formed near the end of DS so as a guild we don't have much in the way of Raid achievements. However, our raid leadership and core players come from a long line of serious progression raiding including multiple server first kills and experience since Vanilla/BC with most. (Pre nerf Firelord, Sinestra, Heroic Ali'kir, as well as a clear of DS on day of release and 6/8HM progression pre nerf)

The guild I personally raided with in Firelands/DS fell apart when we lost a healer (on the day of 5% nerf) and could not find a suitable replacement on the server we were on. Since then I have taken the initiative to start up a guild and form a 10 man raid with the intent of being considered a Semi-hardcore raiding guild.

We are currently searching for a healer who will be able to easily swap to a DPS OS (Preferably Caster) when a fight only requires two healers.

If you are interested at all we would love to give you a trial including a small ventrilo interview and possibly a challenge mode or Heroic run or two. Please add Raeza#1208 to get in contact with me.
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Still looking for an epic Resto/ele shaman

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