Hai, I'm Kittyhelper!

I just wanted to say hello to all my fellow server mates! Have an awesome day!
Hello kittyhelper, i hope you have a great day as well.
Awww thanks sweetie!
AN AN AN AN AN! I'll fix the post grammar freaks!
Forum troll smosh and febreeze.... <3 hehe
How is everyone else doing?
You help kittys?
Ravens won.
Pats lost (TO THE !@#$ING SEAHAWKS)
Cheese hats won.

Today is a good day.

Don't worry, there's still plenty of time for the Ravens to choke again.
its a sad day when the patriots lose..... especially to the seahawks.
10/15/2012 01:47 AMPosted by Kapitan
You help kittys?

Why yes I do!

Guys this is not a baseball forum >.< lol
Nope, it's a football forum.
10/16/2012 01:43 PMPosted by Gangnamstyle
its a sad day when the patriots lose..... especially to the seahawks.

I think you're confusing sad day with happy day. But Niners lost to the stupid Giants and the Raiders broke my heart once again. =(
Only reason so many people hate the Pats is because theyre a great team and they proved it by having the most postseason wins and coming in second in regular season wins(Colts beat 'em by 3 wins) through the 2000-2009 decade. We might repeat that, too. (Not to mention 3 super bowl rings/4 super bowl appearances.)

What has YOUR favorite team done? If anyone has the Giants for their favorite...you know what? You can go to jolly pirate donuts and take a 2 hr !@#$ for all I care.
0 Super Bowl wins after the cheating was revealed... just sayin'
That 'cheating' thing was only one game. They don't have any proof that the Pats did that in all the other games. Also, no proof that other teams did it as well (which most teams probably did and still do).


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