Hai, I'm Kittyhelper!

I laughed. Those were funny. My favorite is the first one.

I don't think he blamed the receivers on that Super Bowl loss. That was Gisele. Brady is more professional about what he says.

I'm also not obsessed with Tom Brady, I give the whole team their credit for how they perform in each game. Tom Brady is great and definitely going to be a legend when he retires, but everyone has their roles and they're all required to give it their all.
Wow lets not turn this into a patriot hate forum, or I will hate every single one of you.
It's ok, we already hate you. I'm pretty sure I'm obligated to hate the Pats until the Raiders make it back to the AFC Championship game.
no more football talk >.<
Good luck waiting for the Raiders to do something.

At least you're playing Jacksonville this week. That should be an automatic win.

See, now you jinxed us
All this sports talk, sounds like Pause in trade chat. Just sayin.....
Kittyhelper is like such a good hunter its maddening!
football > pittyhelper
Hmm, I baked some peanut butter frosted flakes bars, and a cake. Taste so yummy!

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