Some Golden Lotus Dailies too obnoxious

Some of these dailies are just too difficult for what they are worth. Either some of the creatures are too hard because of ability+hp, or there are other mitigating factors too. I will give examples. I was told to kill the Ashweb Matriarch but her poison stacks kill me-I can dispell some of them but for some idiotic reason, Blizzard decided to give cleanse a cooldown so I can not keep up with the stacks plus all of her stupid adds.

Another thing-Go kill some giant beast but first get past all the Jade Collosus that do nasty fire damage and have well over 1 million hp and remember not to stand on certain tile or die. So after kiting 1 of 2 of them even before I can get to the damn quest beast, I get attacked by random stupid ashweb hatchling pats and so I am trying to kill those plus dealing with 1 of 2 Jade Collosus but then I back up into a statue and it comes to life and attacks. Now keep in mind I am in ret and healing abilities in ret is rather challenging so now im dealing with a Jade Collosus with his nasty fire spell that follows you (can't move out of the way unless you kite it), finishing off the stupid Ashweb hatchlings that jump all over the place and stun you when you try to move, and a stupid statue and its abilities.

Then there is up at the gate. Today I was confronted with killing corrupted cloud serpants (again over 1 million health) which is fine what ever. Did that but now I have to go rescue spirits and deal with those stupid angry spirits that bring you out of the spirit realm and attack you. No problem-as annoying as it is, I can deal with it however, you get tossed out of the spirit realm with 500k creatures there and a stupid cloud serpant that throws aoe lighting? So I am constantly moving around trying to dodge all this crap hoping I don't accidently pull something else.

Then of course there is the idiotic sprites that chain kick you when you go after them for beer theft. Even though they are neutral, they all gang up on you, knock you down and give you stompins. To fix this a bit, I try to isolate 1 or 2 of them by themselves; 15 minutes later im done lol.

How about when you have to kill the large collosus walking down the path and you also get confronted by millions of angry spirits? Isn't that fun?

How about when you have to run through the blades for some reason and a bunch of npcs punts you all about for some reason and you get cut to ribbons? Isn't that worth the bother?

I don't understand why Blizzard designed some of the quests the way they did but I find that them need to nerf some of the creatures, reduce their health a bit or tinker with the mechanics-dailies shouldn't be an epic fight of survival only to get a poultry 180 rep and 19 gold? Something trivial like that for all that nonsense.
Feeling your pain, Talisar. I truly am.
Some of the GL daily mobs need a nerf, very frustrating.
You can't solo the mobs specifically meant to be solod?

Are...are you sure you're hitting them?
Maybe use a cooldown and stop assuming that slamming your face on the keyboard works? And you think chain kicks are bad as melee? I can't get a spell off half the time.

Also yes spirits are annoying. But you can fly, enter the spirit world while flying, and free spirits while flying. Takes no time at all to zip around untouchable.
I have had literally zero problems on either my shaman, warrior, or mage killing any of these mobs. They don't need to be nerfed. You need to play better.
I think the daily quests are perfect questing is all I do and the challenge is cool for the first time I'am using cool downs and jumping around like a crazy dude it's awesome. Keep up the good work blizz!!!

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