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My system always lags when i'm at the Shrine. If there were lots of people in there, I could see why there would be lag, but i'm on a low pop server and there's hardly ever anyone there. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have 6gb of RAM, a dual core CPU, and a high end GPU. I haven't experienced anything like this since Dalaran days.
I have the same problem. Why isn't there any answer anywhere? We can't be the only ones. I also have a high end and clean PC.
Yeah, I'm getting sick of the lag going in and out of there, too. Is there any reason for this the FPS dropping?
I would kill for an answer to this. I get around 60 FPS in the world, 100 in 10m raid & 5mans, and 45-60 in 25m. But for some reason, when I go to Shrine I drop as low as 2 FPS and my wow constantly freezes and does that "stutter" thing, it's really annoying~!

Edit: Forgot to mention that I just did a fresh reformat and brand new wow install, drivers are up to date.
i have the sameeee problem!! an answer to this would be great!
Odd... I thought it just might be the high population.

I'm experiencing this FPS lag as well.
I'm having the same lag issue in the Alliance Shrine of the Seven Stars on Proudmoore server US. What's odd is that my wife and I are on the same server and while she experiences the lag inside the shrine, I do not. We had recently transferred from Frostwolf-US (another high population server) and neither of us experienced any lag. It's really confusing me as the only thing either of us has changed is the server, and it doesn't make any sense why it would be occurring on only one of our computers connected to the same network and using the same hardware.
Exactly the same thing is happening to me. Noticed it started happening a few days ago. Play on Ultra Graphics setting all the time with 90+ fps everywhere. Drops to 2 and stutters trying to walk through Shrine of two Moons mainly in the mid section. Even tried on Low Graphics setting. Same thing.

Can we grab an answer please?
I've been noticing this as well, mainly on the upper inn.
The game plays smoothly until I enter this area. Sometimes it doesn't just feel like the shrine itself, but the entire Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
I also get this problem. When I first load the game my fps in the shrine is fine. Then when i come back from doing dailies, my fps drops to about .5 fps. It recovers when i stand still for a minute, but when i move again it lags again. Also this is effecting my whole computer. When WOW locks up in the shrine, my whole system locks up. I have an I-5 cpu, 8 GB of ram and am running two Nvidia cards in sli.
Same issue here on Mugthol. Please an answer to fix it blizz. Just about ready to reset my hearth to Dalaran
If you go ESC -> System -> Sound then under 'playback' untick Sound Effects and the lag will go away.

Not a great solution, as the Shrine of the Two Moons suddenly becomes a library, but there it is.
This happens for me too. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen the first time I open the game. If I log out an back in again, the problem starts.
I have the same very annoying problem. This makes me rage hardcore.
Same problem here, sometimes it even causes WoW to freeze entirely.
Running a clean install of Windows 8, high end GPU, good CPU and ram etc.
Loading into Shrine of the Two Moons causes my whole system to lag. Streaming video takes a hit and even creating a new tab to search Google for "Lag in Shrine" takes a while to load the page.

As a side note, the lag didn't appear to clear up until I left the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Pretty much as soon as I crossed into Valley, the video stream smoothed out.
Ok I was having the Shrine FPS issues, I had my video set to ultra, so I lowered it to high. After doing that the lag left and i jump for 40 to 100 FPS. No more 2FP crap the whole time I am in there. It's not the sound, my sound did nothing when disabled. After I leave there I put it back to Ultra. :)
I only have lag issues specifically when I target any NPC inside the shrine. If I target ANYONE else except an NPC, the lag stops. The severity is pretty intense, going from about 45 fps to 5. Have tried this with no addons enabled AND all graphics to low with no changes.

Edit: tried turning off all addons and graphics to lowest setting.

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