10m 2day/week. Laid Back LF Ranged DPS

Guild Recruitment
Hey there!

Mostly Sane (Turalyon - Alliance) is looking for:

Ranged DPS:
Warlock (Would really love)
Shadow Priest

We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9est until 12est with 1-2 small breaks. Occasionally we will also be raiding on Mondays, from 9est until 12est.
Currently we are 1/6, but have only been raiding as of this past Tuesday. We are striving for heroic modes, but need the competent raiders as mentioned above.

What we require is:
1. Ability to gem, reforge, and enchant your gear properly. This includes proper talents and glyphs.
2. Ability to show up 15 minutes before raid time. Trash starts at 9est!
3. Ability to know your rotation and be able to pull competitive DPS or HPS (Anything shy of 40k DPS or 35HPS during this expansion is not acceptable)
4. Be fun! Noone likes those who brag or bring up drama.
5. Have mumble installed with a working headset.
6. Bring your own flasks, food, and potions if they are not already being supplied.

Currently in our guild we supply all repairs, food and pots. Because of the price of Golden Lotus on Turalyon, we are not supplying flasks. This will change eventually.
Please contact me with ANY questions.

Battletag : Righteous#1898
Bedtime bump!
Morning bump
Afternoon bump
Evening bump? Still looking for great raiders who want a more relaxed raid schedule ^.^
Another bump. LF 1 relaxed progression healer
Looking for DPS. 2 nights a week!
Revised. Want 1 dps.
This is a core spot, able to start tomorrow. Need Hunter/Lock/Warrior/Rogue.

Please message me.

Again, needing one RANGED dps; hunter/warlock would be nice.

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