Vampiric Embrace should be fixed or remade

10/12/2012 11:21 PMPosted by Consite
If this is referring to Void Shift and Desperate Prayer, neither of those activate the GCD.

I was referring to shadowfiend -> void shift, but you're right, void shift is off GCD. I didn't realise.
In a group of 25, it heals everyone for 2% of your damage done, which will generally be ~1200 HPS to each person.
In a group of 3, it heals everyone for 16.7% of your damage done, which will generally be ~2000 HPS to each person.

It's completely worthless.

2000 hps over a long fight, clutch saving a raid during a burst .... worth the 5 seconds.
10/12/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Gwonam
I would only suggest that the cooldown on VE is too long for what it does.

I agree.
I think the move itself is good, besides the CD.. Kind of ridiculous. So imo, they should probably chop down the CD on VE, or at least the distribution. It would be pretty cool for them to make it so it simply heals JUST you for 50% of dmg dealt instead.
I took VE off my bars before MoP went live (the pre patch) I see it still sucks. It's a pretty icon to keep in your spell book . I agree with the OP completely.
Your efforts are better spent on a renew and a pom (renew is nice).

Maybe one day it will turn back into it's original form, I rather liked my dots always healing me.
I'm not too sure why they changed it to begin with. The healing from DP isn't that good. I mean I can completely live without it as well, even programmed spell flash to highlight renew at any damage taken or health lost. It's a few GCD's but I get the same effect as the old VE it may actually end up being better.

As far as arenas I really couldn't tell you what renew fillers would end up costing you with free casted dispels flying about.

In normal BG's it works out well if your not by other spriests or mages.

In raids your less of a stress on raid healing with minimal impact to performance (1 gcd per 9 seconds if your hurt really isn't all that hard to maintain).

While we are on the subject of re-design how's about we talk about psychic horror, I mean omg use my orbs on my only burst dot or apply 2 more seconds to what used to be a effective way of disarming warriors? Hmm that's a hard one. Getting a MB off at the start with any warrior on you is difficult as it is if it's not a instant proc while attempting to run away.
I say psychic horror should also be returned to its old former glory.

Since I'm in the company of some really experienced spriests, is there an alert add-on any of you know about that would inform you in very big letters with a sound that a warrior has reflect up? It's embarrassing but a full orb DP got reflected on me in a moment of chaos and I effectively committed suicide lol.

In a group of 25, it heals everyone for 2% of your damage done, which will generally be ~1200 HPS to each person.

That's 30k hps, not sure what the problem is.
it's certainly not a good cd for long periods of sustained damage, but what cd is? i find it has its uses as a SUPPORT ability, because that's precisely what it is. it's not meant to equal or even come close to our old divine hymn or even symbiosis tranq (which is pretty weak). it's really just to help a bit. it has its moments in pve. you just have to pick them very carefully and know what you want to do with them.
This ability heals for so little that I just have it macro'd into my trinket. Otherwise it would never be used because its usefulness is completely non-memorable and I forget to use it.

In my opinion there needs to be a passive 5-10% heal for the priest.
When I use it, it's usally during a phase of heavy duty for the healers, I will pop a Potion of the Jade thing (Gives you 4k int for 20 secs), I have 3 orbs and proc every CD I have. Not sure if it makes any difference in 25 man, but the 10 man I can note a very small aid to the healers. With how broke shadow damage is at the moment it is almost not even worth it. : /
Vamp Embrace when glyphed does 100% of the damage you do as healing to your entire raid. So if youre doing 100k dps in a 10m and pop it youre doing roughly 10k hps to each person for 10 seconds. Dont know how you all are screwing up the math.
10/19/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Spiritualus
It's one global

Actually it doesn't activate the GCD.
VE may not be as good as it was...still not bad right before a 3 orb DP...but now we can cast PoM and renew without breaking shadowform and Halo does some good healing on a 40 second cd.

Shadow is just different. Adapt or die.
The thing is, there are no fights in MV where the raid stacks up for AOE heals during the soft-enrage burn phase. Even if they were to happen, I'm sure the healers keep everyone at full health, as they have plenty of mana after a nearly 10 minute fight to heal through the stacking debuffs or spawning adds or boss abilities that cause progressively more damage...

Well, OK, maybe there are one or two fights... What's that, 4 fights that end almost exactly like that, out of 6 bosses in the current tier of progression?

Looks to me like VE is an ability that can help make or break the burn phase of over half of the current raid fights... Sure, VE could be tweaked, but I think you're expecting it to be something different from what it's designed to be and does reasonably well.

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