Rogue support hotline.

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My name is Sick and I fail miserably in my arena team to any comp with a Hunter or Warrior (about all of them)

And my job in RBGs was taken by every other class :(
Hi. My name is Heydrich, and I almosted died to a moonkin. yes a moonkin x.x
My name is Zanumas and I'm tired of seeing all the poorly written rage/QQ threads about how bad rogues are. I've read so much of it I'm slowly going insane...

(Note, not complaining about this thread specifically, more the IBQFUYIKAVBKJJ ZOMG ROUGES R BAD threads.)
I soloed two lvl 90 rogues on my 58 blood dk
Switching to Warrior.
My name is Chubbsmalone and a Mage+Warlock 100-0'd me in a deep freeze.

I cried into my beer later...
My name is Kreed, and Im a rogue :(
Hi, my name is Redfang, and I decided to stay at 85.

PvP is so much less bursty and rogues are so much better.

I can kill 90s in world pvp.

I'm liking this expansion and I haven't even bought it yet.
My name is Fail and i am posting again because I cant even get a 2s pity carry at 500 rating. Im trying to save my conquest points for decent weapons, at this rate ill get them by the time 5.1 hits.
Hey, Kaimee here. Accepted a duel from a hunter. Forgive me father.
Hi my name is Lorentah, WHY IS MY DPS STUCK AT 48K /cry.
Hi, my name is Lamenen and I'm a rogue.

My retadin just hit 85 today, and my hunter is at 86.

Since coming to Pandaria, I have maxed out my mining.

My hobby is avoiding bgs and leveling my engineering.
Hi again, i'm back for round two. I don't normally crit with my ambushes, but when I do, they're higher than a stoner. Oh and finding an arena team is almost impossible. WTB RPD.
Hi my name is fabled and I went for a gank on a DK with 40k life and running back sucked.
Hi again, Tried to Kidney a Blood DK and missed when I'm capped, and having him almost blitz me.
I was herbing with my 90 rogue in Jade Forest and couldn't beat an 86 blood dk. Had to pop vanish and endure the humiliation of him hopping on another character just to tell me I'm the worst rogue ever.
Hi my name is Lampshade and I cancelled my subscription.
This is the most depressing collection of posts I have ever read.

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