Shaw Cable issues and wow

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there seems to be a problem with shaw cable and wow. been having latency and disconnection issues since last week. i've also talked to a few friends who use the same isp, they have had the same problems as well.

everything else works fine. my internet phone called ooma telo has no issues on the connection. same with my ps3 and my skype calls.

the only thing having problems is wow. and don't tell me its shaw cable. cause if i were to call them up, they will tell me its you, just like they always do.
also i recently moved to a new house and bought shaw cable again. i was having these problems since before i moved. it started the day the raids came out. i moved on the Saturday after the raids came out.

steps i have tried: clearing cache, tried different dns servers.
have yet to try removing addons, but every player uses different addons, so this might not be it.

when my latency spikes, a simple restart fixes it. oh and also everytime this problem crops up, my rep vender gear suddenly reverts back to the way it was before the hotfix. so maybe one your hotfixes caused this problem.

been having the problems, all week, and i was just kicked from a raid finder run, because i was disconnected.

any solutions would make my day.
Use a proxy

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