Halfhill market guards are BUGGED!

Bug Report
This is ridiculous. The guards in the halfhill market have attacked me five times now.
First time I was sitting there mounted with my fishing pole equipped.
Second time, same thing.
Third time I was half way through a long, long bout of cooking.
Fourth time I actually managed to get away.
This all happened on different days. So after the fourth time I'm sitting on my Dark Pheonix flying over the market place just off the ground, close enough that I wouldn't take any fall damage (just to give an approximation of how high I was), complaining about this BS in guild chat. And the guards attack me right there, literally shoot me out of the air.

I thought the guards were there to prevent ganking, not to be the ones that are doing the ganking? Fix this crap now.
Has happened twice more since I posted this. And again I've checked the logs, nothing recent except previously swooping down to fight a rare spawn before I flew in to the market.
Have a Haunted Memento? It has been the most common cause reported for the guards attacking.
Do you have a Haunted Memento?

Apparently that's what causes it.

If only they would fix the Memento bugs that have persisted for over a year.

That's gotta be it. What about it causes the guards to attack me?
Also having this issue, i get killed at least once a day there, any plans on a fix?

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