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Guild Recruitment
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Severity Gaming
Alliance | US-Kel'Thuzad | 25man | Raiding Guild | SeverityGaming.com

Who We Are

Severity Gaming is a large, tightly knit multi-platform gaming community; including Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and League of Legends. Possessing leadership with a combined total of over 15 years of successful MMO management, as well as many members with extensive high-end raid experience, Severity Gaming hopes to provide paramount play to those who fit its requirements. We seek to excel in personal and collective gaming performance to the maximum effect, while keeping a friendly, sociable environment that spans many platforms and is more than just a raid roster. Our communities are structured to provide gamers with well-maintained web services and a constructive environment to help facilitate unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.

After a recent restructuring of SG-WoW we are recruiting exceptional players to improve our roster and be more competitive than ever before, pushing top ranking kills and housing the best of the best in our raid team, in an environment of transparency and cooperation to achieve a common goal.

We raid Tues-Thurs 8-12 EST (6-10MST/Server)

What We Have to Offer
Current Progression 1/13H 25 ToT

  • A friendly multi-title community with plenty of events and interaction.
  • A group of like-minded individuals working to be the best they can be and pushing progression.
  • Free repairs and 275 food, as well as discounted flasks and other essentials.
  • Dedicated, transparent leadership with years of experience in MMOs and guild leadership.
  • An atmosphere that pushes you to be your best, but maintains a team environment.
  • A guild that is constantly improving and willing to take action to excel.
  • Well maintained web resources such as Ventrilo and our website.
  • What We Expect From You

  • We expect all raiders to have done extensive research on their class, and know how to use all your abilities well, not just your main rotation. Raiders should play their class to its fullest and constantly looking to improve.
  • You should have knowledge of all boss fights as soon as it is available, as well as listen when the fight and roles are explained and contribute to strategy.
  • Damage per second is not priority over survival, unless otherwise specified, don't stand in fire.
  • Raiders should be able to attend 90% or more of our raids. If you cannot you are responsible for telling an officer before the raid.
  • We expect raiders to maintain some composure and not whine about gear, or other raiders. If you have a problem with the way the guild is doing things let an officer know, we want to avoid drama.
  • Please be friendly and respectful to other members and don't only log on for raids. However you should be able to handle a few jokes as that is inevitable, so please be mature and have some personality.
  • Communication is key, if you don't understand a fight tell us before the pull. Vent and a mic are required, so you should not have any excuse.
  • Be able to take criticism and improve from it without causing an argument.
  • Raiders should be willing to work and improve the guild on a competitive level, that means 110% at all times, even on farmed bosses and trash.
  • Raiding only a few days a week we require members to keep up, play well and efficiently so we can achieve in a few days, that which takes other guilds four or five days.
  • Know what gear you need before it drops and organize gear in a way to maximize your performance.
  • Take responsibility if you messed up.
  • Be prepared and waiting outside the instance ahead of time
  • Maintain activity on the guild website, especially in boss strategy forums.
  • Value the guild as a whole above individual progression.
  • Classes of Interest 495iLevel+ Only

    We will always consider exceptional applicants of any class as our raid spots are considered "competitive". If you feel that you can outperform one of our raid members, feel free to apply.

    Deathknight | Dps(High) Tank(Low)
    Druid | Melee (Medium) Range (High) Healer (High) Tank (Medium)
    Hunter | Dps (Medium)
    Priest | Dps (Medium) Healer (High)
    Mage | Dps (High)
    Monk | Dps (Medium) Tank (Medium) Healer (Medium)
    Paladin | Dps (Low) Tank (High) Healer (High)
    Rogue | Dps (Medium)
    Shaman | Melee(Medium) Range (Medium) Healer (Medium)
    Warlock | Dps (High)
    Warrior | Dps (Medium) Tank (Low)

    **Viable offspec preferred

    Contact Information

    Ilikaz (Ilikaz#1564)
    Serrias (Siriusa#1503)
    Delacour (Delacour#1483)

    Apply now at http://www.severitygaming.com/mop
    bump for the day. Having a 10m go in and clear out 6/6 so we can work on heroics next week.

    Updated status for Monk.
    I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    We are looking for healers and DPS to trial this upcoming week.
    bump! Found a resto sham still, looking for some dps
    Still bringing in players for trial this Tuesday!
    Now looking for resto shamans and rogues.
    Taking in new trials for next week! :D
    New recruitment needs :D check em out. We're hitting Heart of Fear hard next week :D
    updated needs :D
    ty kindly :D
    Hopefully hurricane sandy doesn't take Nightfall down.
    bump looking for tanks for core consideration.
    Looking for tanks for Core!
    Updated our needs:

    We really need Rogues (We have NONE )
    We are looking for an Elemental Shaman that can also play Restoration.
    We are also looking for Monks (we know you're out there)

    Feel free to add me in game: Delacour#1483
    bump, hope everyone had a great turkeyday!
    whats your progression
    bump, the progression train is back. just need the players. Join now, Punch and Pie!
    11/26/2012 10:59 AMPosted by Deathknightd
    whats your progression

    Is that like a 300 joke or something? We clearly indicate our progression in our OP.


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