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Guild Recruitment
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Current needs:
Resto Druid
DPS Warrior
Resto Shaman (In high need, along with every other guild in the world)
Possible opening for an Elemental Shaman
DPS Death Knight
Priest (All specs)

All other exceptional applicant do not be deterred, as we are always looking to upgrade our roster. Check out the OP for more information.
Updated with latest recruitment needs :D Thanks All!
Joining SG was the best choice in my raid history, strongly suggest it.
make it bump
Current recruitment needs still stand as of 12/13. Thanks for looking!
Got The Stone Guard (Heroic) down last night. Recruitment needs still stand. Heroic Feng next week!
Still looking for more exceptional people to upgrade our roster!
Still looking for those exceptional players to add to our roster!
Currently seeking Shadow Priests!
to da top
bump, 2 more 25m heroics down last night. Current needs still stand. Thanks!
Hope everyone has a great holiday! Severity Gaming - WoW is recruiting for our 25m Progression Raid. We resume December 26th.
bump, current needs stand :)
Still searching for those exceptional players.
thank you for looking!
Now seeking heroic level tanks for immediate core consideration.
Haha free bump for the 300 quote! :-D

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