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Guild Recruitment
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01/15/2013 12:10 PMPosted by Delacour
We're currently looking to replace anyone on our core with members that can outperform them. If you are interested in a group that is willing to rapidly excel in this manner contact me, (information can be found in OP)
Working on P3 HElegon. Looking for Tanks, and DPS.
Aaaand, Welcome Monday EST Lunch Rush!
Hello Mid Day! Still looking for some quality Warlocks!
A is for Jäckßauer is awesome.
B is for bumping this thread.
C is for cats.
D is for downing bosses.
E for me eating dirt on Elegon and it getting to 10%.
EST Lunchtime Rush Go!
Dunno what F is for.
G if for getting Elegon down tonight.
1.1% on Elegon
Elegon down.
bump for 4/16 Heroic
Bumping because I don't want Jack to show me up
10% on Blade Lord heroic yesterday, as well as HElegon.

So yeah, apply or something.

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