is it worth buying bg gear?

im pretty new to the game, and pretty new as a mage. tried playing paladin but i didnt like it. lol

i find most of my time just Bgin rather than questing or doing dungeons. and i have accumilated a good amount of honor points. is it worth buying PvP gear now and have fun owning people, since i do it most of the time. or rush to lvl 90 and be way under par with the rest of the 90s?
convert all your honor to jp until you're jp capped, honor cap again, spend it all (honor) at 90, convert your capped jp to honor, buy more honor gear.
the exchange rate is meh, but you should definitely have both capped out by the time you hit 90.
Are you trying to decide whether to stay in a twink bracket or take the mage to 90? Most people in the 90 bracket don't have a lot of honor gear, you would not be way under par, and even if you were, everyone has to start somewhere.
i dont want to be lvl 70-80 for ever, just is it worth spending 4k worth of hp in to that bg group. like i do pretty well in pvp, 8 to 11 kills to 1 or 3 deaths overall top 5 top dps. i assume woth better gear i could earn all that HP back fast?
The lvl 70 pvp gear is generally a huge upgrade

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