11/13HMs **US33** 25s 3nt LF Mistweaver Monk

Guild Recruitment
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<Something Wicked> is a 11/13H 25s guild (US33) on PVE Whisperwind (Chicago).
We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 8-12 CST.

We are looking to add a couple of DPS (prefer Death Knight, Rogue, or Balance Druid) and one healer (Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk).

We recruit for raiding spots, not for the bench. We look for your knowledge and ability to play your class, your familiarity with hardmodes, your ability to learn from mistakes (not only your own), and that you give an appropriate effort to maximize your character. Applicants should be properly gemmed, reforged, and enchanted with appropriate raiding professions.

We are stable and efficient
We have been a guild since vanilla with the same guild/raid leader throughout, both great testaments to our stability. We are efficient, maintaining our three-night schedule while keeping up with five-night guilds (and even doing better than the majority). Unlike other "three night" guilds, we actually only raid three nights, and unlike other 25s guilds we actually kill any and all of our content with 25 people.

We care about raiding
We do so well because our members are dedicated: correctly gearing, enchanting, reforging, speccing, and researching their classes. Members are required to come to raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of boss mechanics. In return we fund raid repairs, supply Banquets when learning fights, and give free offspec gear. We use a custom loot system that quickly allows newer members to gear up while still rewarding the high attendance of older members.

We care about our real lives
We are a diverse community with people from many backgrounds and even though we down the content we still like to have a good time--we have had a guild meetup in Las Vegas, hang out at Blizzcon, and did a Secret Santa for the holidays!

We live on a good server
Whisperwind is an Alliance-dominated server with a good raiding population, a decent economy, and mostly good-natured trade chat. At the end of WotLK our entire guild (literally) chose to move here for these reasons.

How to contact us
If interested you can contact Moshne (GM) by Battletag at Moshne#1962 or go to somethingwickedguild.com to fill out an app. You can also contact officers Oxey or Shiramune in-game. Good luck!
good morning prot token users!
WTB a warrior to come hang out in melee chat with the cool kids.
10/12/2012 07:25 AMPosted by Bellagraced
good morning prot token users!

Bella you went Panda too? I wonder if our new melee dps will be panda as well?
If only you raided a cpl hours earlier QQ
Too many pandas in this thread already.
10/12/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Derevka
good morning prot token users!

Bella you went Panda too? I wonder if our new melee dps will be panda as well?

I was the 2nd one in the guild! You're late to the panda party!
There's only 1 real Panda
you have antlers.

enough said
Crucial question. Superior panda coloring - black or red?


the better question might be... nub or tail?
I like the tails! And by tail I don't mean the scoop of mashed potatoes, I mean the long bushy actual tail.

But I think the dark faces on the normal pandas are prettier. Where is my hybrid panda bear Blizz?!
LOL scoop of mashed potatos

I don't care for the red panda tail - it's too bushy. The tauren and draenei tails are OK though - but they make cloaks look stupid - I always have mine hidden.

At least pandas don't sniff... that drove me insane when I was a Worgen
I always just delete the sound file for sniffs. And for my glowy hands.
So ....We had 3x Starshatters (three!!) drop last week off Elegon and need someone else to give 2h swords to!

Come on warriors! App :D
Still looking for a few DPS to push another hardmode this week!
Likely going to be 4/6 Heroic this week. Any melee think they can keep up?
A Warlock would be pretty cool, too.
Edited OP to add Warlocks and Monks! Pretty much any classes would be taken into consideration though, we are just looking for a couple of DPS.

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