11/13HMs **US33** 25s 3nt LF Mistweaver Monk

Guild Recruitment
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WTB more DPS for heroic mode progression!
We need serious applicants with progression intention. Not this LFR garbage or 2/6 normal difficulty
Come on don't be shy.
So pumpkin spice everything is pretty much amazing. Made some cookies today. They were actually pretty terrible but because they were pumpkin spice they were still awesome.

This is the recipe I always make (it is on the can of pumpkin I think). These make soft & chewy pumpkin cookies. About half the time I ice them, half not.

Highly recommended. It's not fall without pumpkin cookies! And pumpkin beer, and pie, and muffins, and ice cream.......................
A Warrior that likes to offspec tank to do some Challenge Modes with would be pretty cool.

...for other people in the guild of course, Ana, not for me.

I'm being abandoned...
Chocolate for breakfast? Why sure, that sounds lovely.
Chocolate doesn't go well with mimosas at all, Prys; why ever would you eat that at breakfast??
I wish you guys hadn't moved raid an hour later, I almost had my GF convinced 3 days of raiding was fine because she'll be in grad school soon. Lol! Seriously though, I miss the atmosphere, I hope we get some good apps for you ;)
Some monks would be nice
Updated! We are 3/6hm now and looking for a Monk.
Still lookin'
Need some dps.
Could use a Monk.
Progressin through normals, need some DPS.
Are you guys in need of a resto druid by chance?
11/01/2012 07:58 AMPosted by Niivea
Are you guys in need of a resto druid by chance?

Not at this time. You can always throw in an app and if a spot opens up we can contact you, but hopefully you will have found a happy home before then.
dps por favor.

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