11/13HMs **US33** 25s 3nt LF Mistweaver Monk

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We cleared HoF this week, looking for friends for hardmodes next week! In HoF!

We also did it on 25s just like MV, we aren't one of those guilds who have had to (or wanted to) drop to 10s to accomplish this.
Looking for a couple DPS, especially a good Monk with a healing OS.
5/16HM. Not sure what that makes our rank now, but we always hover somewhere around 50, never changes much.
Lookin' for some dps.
7/16HM! Yay!
WTB additional purple squares nao.
Prefer ranged and not on Conq would be a bonus but any good DPS classes will be considered; just need a couple DPS.
After dinner DPS!
A Mage would be nice.
Still lookin'.
Still lookin'.
If you have an unhealthy aversion to fish, then this may not be the place for you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
5% away from 8HMs!

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