11/13HMs **US33** 25s 3nt LF Mistweaver Monk

Guild Recruitment
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Must. Find. Mage.
Before raid bump
Join us before the new raid week!
Get an app in while we still have time to talk before the next raid week.
After work bump!
LF buddies
Still lookin'
Need DPS.
12/11/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Prys
Need DPS.
12/11/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Prys
Need DPS.
12/11/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Prys
LF some healin'
updated needs, would really like a mage or warlock and a mw or holy paladin.
12/12/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Prys
12/12/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Prys
12/12/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Prys

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