Please help i sent in a ticket...

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I sent in the following ticket and this is the response i got after a 5 day wait


Insane in the membrane FOS

I've done bloodsail admiral - i have the title and grinded the rep to half way through honored

then grinded all goblin reps back to exalted - all exalted currently
got exalted with ravenholdt
and just maxed my darkmoon rep to exalted

and no title or achieve what gives?

and yes i made sure i hit honored with bloodsail before i started to grind the goblin reps again



We’d like to thank-you for contacting us regarding your in-game concern.

We’d like to start by saying that after reviewing your petition we are sorry to tell you that we are not able to assist with your request. When petitioning in about an achievement issue; please understand that all achievements must be completed in-game. Even if you believe that you completed the requirements for the achievement (like defeating a heroic boss) we are still unable to give you credit. You will need to complete the run again.

Lastly, if you are looking for information about completing an achievement, we cannot give you hints regarding requirements to complete an achievement.

Blizzard Entertainment Support

Unfortunately that's the right answer. =/ They can't verify you used to be honored if you did it before achievements were in place (pre-Wrath) - even the title/Admiral's Hat can be done at Friendly, so there's literally no way to prove you were honored unless it was recorded in achievement criteria.

Also, GMs typically can't grant achievements at all.
Make sure you have both Bloodsails and the Cartel at Honored/Exalted respectively at the same time.
I got the achievement and Title this morning. I did not keep my Bloodsail rep up and used cloth turn ins to speed up the process.
1) I had all of my reps except for Darkmoon done 2 months ago. I had to wait for 2 faire cycles. SO May be since none of the other reps were changed since before the patch they didn't reset.
2) Since I only had Darkmoon rep left I didn't put the achievement tracker back up after the patch so I cant confirm whether Bloodsails would have showed as incomplete or not.
3) But the title was awarded and I did not retain HOnored with Bloodsail

Not sure if this helps but good luck
Ok so now im super pissed I decided to re-grind the bloodsail rep in hope that i would get my achieve and guess what no achieve

Can i please get a blue on this to help me as i have met the criteria of the achieve and have been awarded nothing
The CS mods are not In-game GMs, you need to file a ticket.

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