Leveling pvp

Currently i have a 90 war, 85 priest, hunter, rogue, and the rest of the classes at various levels below 70. i'm wondering as to which one people find entertaining in pvp and why so that i can make my own judgement.
Note, this is coming from someone that is relatively new to pvp (probably only doing it seriously for the last 6 months or so and this lvl 81 is where I'm at.. playing a lot so hopefully will get her to max lvl soon to do mists BGs)..

I mostly do BGs. And apparently a little in world as I got pulled out of the sky today by a death night in northrend... I'm thinking I surprised him a bit when I fought back and he died. lol, fun!

I started out doing pvp on a mage, then druid (i have a lvl 90 druid, but I only did low level pvp on an alt.. surprising I don't find it as fun with pvp at this stage).. and then one day I decided to roll a priest and try pvp on her.

I've never looked back.. I play both disc and shadow.

Currently I'm having the most fun as a shadow priest. why? It's just fun! It's comfortable.. fits like a glove for me.

I feel I'm versatile and have a lot of tools to play with that make playing interesting. I'm able to dish out a good amount of damage, but at the same time reach into my healing pocket to help out my team and throw some heals around. You can surprise people w/ your pet squid, use your damage spell to slow people..

And there's a variety of tools that help us survive.. from heals, dispersion, fears (2) to fades.. I've gotten out of many a pickle. lol

I gotta imagine it's a personal preference though.. what's fun for one person, may be a bore for another. I'd just try some BGs on all of them and see what you like! what's the worst that can happen?? and then you can inform yourself. :D

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