Dailies are starting to burn me out ..

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10/12/2012 03:28 PMPosted by Maidenn
You people need to learn some patience if you're not willing to put in the effort just get your gear through raiding.

So then, for example, you'd be fine if the dailies were changed so that after reaching exalted, you also needed to get a bunch of heroic raid kills before you could claim your mounts and other rewards? After all, if we're forcing raiders to do dailies, it must be good to do the reverse too right?

Oh wait, we should offer a "choice" just like dailies are a "choice". So it would be either a) get the heroic raid kills, or b) have to quit your current guild and find a new one, spend a lot less time playing your current friends because now you're playing with new ones, and then have to do the rep grinding for 50% longer to reach the same amount of rewards. Because (b) is exactly the choice you're offering to progression raiders. I would argue that's not even a choice.

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