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As you can see from the hundreds of threads regarding the rampant use of bots,you need to step up your game BIG TIME . Your once every 2 or 3 month ban wave,just is very poor.At this point it seems you only do it to try to mollify us.Literally,if you just did what im about to describe you would at least make them paranoid and would catch a few of them.

Download every major bot people are using and upload a signature to Warden(blizz's anticheat software) they change it,which would probably be everyday,upload a new signature for Warden for where they are at risk of getting caught.This is not hard to do.Virus/,malware companies do it everyday. Eventually people just would not find it worth it anymore when your updating Warden everyday.

I'm not understanding why you not doing this,it blows my mind,and yes it IS that simple.It's been pretty obvious that you either dont care,or you want their money. Ask anyone that works for a AV/Malware company.It IS this easy.The sites that sell and update these bots could not be more simple to find.It could not be more simple to download their new one every time they update and add a signature to Warden. This would literally be MINIMAL effort on Blizz's part to do.Almost all AV/Malware companies even do this automatically daily on millions of malware,daily.Ok,let me say this again.....AV/Malware companies are doing this DAILY and you cant do it for the 4 or 5 main bots people use?Seriously?

If you also are totally sick of Blizzards effort to stop the bots please post your support of this thread.
Here is also a list of anti afk mods to catch bots.Obviously its not going to catch the more advanced ones,till blizz makes Warden actually work,but I'm hoping to find a mod writer to update these.
I can't find a blue post about PVP and bots anywhere. Blizzard just stopped caring. They make too much money from bot accounts, so they can't ban them, hence no response on this issue. The "Report Cheating" system is just to make you feel better, and think you're actually making a difference. When you're in a WSG game and 8 of the 10 characters are bots doing less than 100K of damage the entire match, you know Blizzard has given up on you.
They won't ever ban bots. Just have to learn to deal with them.

Stop wasting keystrokes on the forums trying to get them banned.
maybe if the PVP gearing system wasn't so stupid people wouldn't feel the need to bot bgs
getting completely wrecked for a week trying to gear up isn't fun

also people trying to stop bots don't realize how much money blizzard is making solely from bots. is it the right decision? probably not, but business is business
They won't ever ban bots. Just have to learn to deal with them.

Stop wasting keystrokes on the forums trying to get them banned.

Battlegrounds require strategy, which just isn't possible to execute when your team is largely comprised of bots. So "learning to deal with them" essentially means accepting that the game is broken, and that's just not good enough for a game each of us has spent hundreds of dollars on.
Blizzard only cares about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The bots pay to play like u and me so they gona stay with us :)
Bots have gotten way out of hand. On my level 85 I was just in a BG where only 4 of the 15 were NOT bots.

11/15 bots. Can't even report them to get them kicked before they get in combat!

i was just in a WSG and 4/10 players were bots... this is rediculous, blizzard needs to enforce something
I'm beginning to think that only a class action lawsuit would address Blizzard's contempt for its subscribers.
Bots or not, they are still paying customers. I'm hoping not, but I'm thinking this is the way Blizz is seeing this issue right now. After all, they are a business...

Please fix this issue Blizz...i hate getting into a BG and have some random toon setting me to follow. It sooooo frustrating.

When you show little signs of making efforts to ban botting it makes me feel like you would rather have botters than loose money if you started perma banning them.


If you can't balance your pvp can you at least make it so people have a harder time botting? :D

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