Rate the Death Knight name above you

Death Knight
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Continuation of the old thread linked here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2973019777?page=1

Let's get back to it!
I like it 8/10.
Because you're a gnome with a big !@# sword. 9/10
0/10 wtf
You're not a dk. 0/10 also
I like it 8/10

but dat guild name just made it a 10
I like the blood kiss... goes with the dk and blood elf combo...
Just came back to wow -- saw the eyes in this toon during character creation and wa-laa.
I'll be skipping "Basstardeyes" and rating Valorette because of the following:

1. His name is retarded.
2. He didn't rate Valorette and follow the thread. IT'S COMMON COURTESY!

9/10 Valorette, never seen anything similar used. And I like it for a Human.

Just sounds meh to me.
7/10 Pretty good but... Male draenei.
7/10. too many S's. But original
Too orcy. Not enuff wuv
Big ol DK who wuvs bunnies, cute, 7/10

It's like Spartacus, but sharting.

Stupid name, makes me think of tacos
4/10 names to long and dumb

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