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Death Knight
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I like it, Very DK worthy and a throwback to WotLK.

Mine is a play on my warrior back in vanilla named "Kharnage" which is all rooted from the character "Kharn the Betrayer" from the Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines.
10/10 for war hammer 40k references

Cool name, but it reminds me more of water than a Death Knight. (Icy)

moderate brutality.
8/10 pretty nice name
Kyo is short and simple. I really have an affinity for names that are like that. Easier to remember.

Edit: Sorry my DK is a baby! I just got into making one as an alt to my holy priest. I am already in love with the lore and the starter questlines.
5/10 not really a dk name but I'm assuming its your actual or close to actual name
9/10 for being able ot get that name. I'm sure it wasn't easy.

It's a reference from EQ-2, a quest item "Remberences-- Nyalla Phon"
It's an extremely creepy book, for what it's worth. The text can be found here

8/10 seems fitting
I just like saying your name 9/10

it fits a goblin for the most part.

Me want a cookies :-)

Also, you're super ugly: +1

Final score? 11/10

Boom. The world is yours.
8/10, I don't like it too much, but your xmog matches your name perfect.
6/10 Not really a DK name, maybe a rogue name.

Not bad but I see names similar to it everywhere.
I'll give you 7/10 if only because you pulled off actually getting to use it. Not really creative though.

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