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Death Knight
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9/10 - I like it
^ awesome! 7/10
I don't know whether to pronounce it 'I so sin,' or 'Eesosyne.' So due to that, I credit it a far amount. 7.75/10

ttyl, gotta put some parts in the freezer
Mine is no better.
Mine is no better.

Sounds like a good Draenei name to me 7/10
I like it. 8/10.
7/10, some points deducted for use of "extra" characters I guess you could call it or ALT Codes. Not a HUGE fan of them but I don't mind yours :)
Very unique and creative, its like a Foreign name. Love it. 10/10
Would have been sick if you were an undead, pretty good nonetheless 7/10
Khei, 5/10 Sorry, Don't like it
Pretty dk sounding 7/10
8/10 cause it sounds like a name and doesn't have any symbols over letters.
8/10 Sounds more like a warlock name, but otherwise it fits.
8/10 sounds kinda like a name for Deathwings child
8/10 Cant go wrong with gnome Dks
I like it. Suits the cause! Strong M. Solid Y. 9/10, would read again.
7/10. Unique
bland 3/10

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