the nerf to rabid

nerfs kill command, lynx rush, blink strike, dire beast, our pets short cd main melee attack which was a big portion or our overall damage, and stampede. if they would have nerfed lynx rush, the one shot talent, hunter would have been fine. the problem is that people don't understand that kc and lr aren't going to show a hunter shooting you, so they assume our pets just blew them up with no effort on our part. i feel like if they would have added a gun shot and a line from my gun to the target that people wouldnt have qqed so hard.

the state of pvp atm is what it would be like if hunter was the only dps class. burst or be bursted. is it any surprise that hunters, who have been playing this burst game since they came to hunter, will do better than a bunch of classes who used to rely on defensive cds, cheap exploits like standing next to hunters pre mop, and self healing? not to me. by making burst this big from most classes they put the ball in our court. its always like this to us. maybe the other classes do need an advantage. the devs think so.

i want our cc addressed. if we aren't bursting at the beta level, we should have the goodies they promised us, no cd on freezing trap, no shared cd with frost trap. all hunters got from mop was awesome burst. then they nerfed that.
they did. i don't have the post bookmarked or anything it was around the time that they announced stamp.
10/13/2012 01:52 PMPosted by Eponine
Umm, when did they promise us no CD on freezing trap?

There was a talent early on that removed the cooldown on Freezing Trap (but still only one target could be trapped at a time).
It was posted in the original MOP talent tree. Hunters also had the chance to choose the ability where Snake Trap polymorphs your target.
10/13/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Eponine
Must've been way, WAY early in beta then, I didn't start paying attention to beta talents until May or so

it was. but then stamp and other awesomeness came out i didnt think about again, because tbh we didnt need it. nothing was living long enough to have to cc. now its back to cc heals blow up the dps, and i feel like we are using outdated tools. but thats really the signature hunter style #counterattack.
Honestly even after the nerfs the damage is still pretty good. Definitely not as high as some of the other classes.

I just don't really wanna hear people complaing about the damage when my abilities don't do half the damage of these other classes.

I've been hit by Icelances harder than my 20 second cooldown Blink Strike does with CD's lol. Just sayin'.

Yes I know blah blah don't lose to Mages, damage is avoidable yada yada, but I mean in BGs when theres more people to watch than you can do with a focus frame. Just saying the damage possibilities of other classes is there, and more so than what hunters are producing after nerfs.
10/13/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Rodfarva
I just don't really wanna hear people complaing about the damage when my abilities don't do half the damage of these other classes.

completely agree with this post. im not qqing at all i still like our burst, but you are totally right about other classes doing more. ppl will always qq when they lose to hunters. in their minds hunter is a bad class that doesnt deserve to do well. if they do well, they are carried, if they dont they are huntards.

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