'Daily' pain in the butt

I recently started a new job, a real job, real hours etc. Before it was no issue for me to just log in whenever i felt like, do 428 dailies, randoms, pet battles, it didnt matter because I had the time to do it. Now that I have said job, and still have the desire to raid, I do not have time to do dailies that are 'needed' for what I want to do in the game which is ultimately raid and collect pets/mounts etc.

SO MANY DAILIES, are you kidding me? I log in and end up doing 1 random in which the tank or ret paladin need on my spirit trinket and leave after they win it, then go back and stare at all the dailies I *should* be doing and my brain explodes, then its time for me to sleep and get up, go to work and do it all over. I am not a casual player, but I am also not a hardcore player. These dailies are super excessive. I would like to be able to achieve something in the game without feeling like I spend 3+ hrs a day doing dailies, then when I finally finish them, I cant do anything else as I have a job and need to sleep.

I believe that SOMETHING should be done about this. Its a tad bit outrageous in my opinion. I would like to spend time in the game doing what I want to, like raiding. Not doing what I feel like I have to do to get to the point where I might be suitable to raid.

I would like to see something to the extent of maybe a tabard at a lower rep level (maybe not neutral or friendly) to earn rep in the few heroics I might be able to do during the work week. Not for all factions but to help alleviate the absurd amount of these dailies that we have to do for anything we might want for whatever reason. I understand why the cap was removed, I am grateful that if needed we have the ability to do all 6841 dailies if we want.

This really needs to be looked at and evaluated.
I agree with you 150%. The daily grind is soul-crushing, and, quite frankly, I think Blizzard is very disrespectful to us making it a dailies only expansion.

I made a similar post:

Soul-crushing is an interesting but agreeable word for this. I love playing this game, but honestly, if I am not able to play it the way that I want to, I do not see the point in paying a subscription to grind dailies every day for 3 hours and never accomplish anything.

I like your post, long but informative and super full of exact reasons of why alot of players feel like you. I feel the same way in pretty much all of that.

Maybe if I am lucky, I might actually get to do LFR this week. Between my gear in randoms getting ninjad by players that arent healing and need a spirit item.

I am discouraged, when a few weeks ago I was excited. Now that feeling has worn off and I am just flat out let down by having to do so many dailies. I have a life (not really, I have a job and a child, that sucks up all of my time) I get roughly 3 hours to play IF I get my kid to bed at her normal bedtime and miss about 25 mins of time I should be sleeping. That leaves me no time for AHing anything, randoms, or raiding...legitimately I have only time to do dailies.

Pardon my french Blizzard, but that is THE SUCK.
I also think that Blizzard seems to have overlooked a factor, or at least not realized how big of an issue this is: its aging playerbase.

Most teenagers now want the newest shiniest game, and they have super short attention spans and plenty of (their parents') money to spend. They like the GW2 and the Call of Duty 78th edition, etc. WoW is almost 8 years old, and I would bet good money that a large, large part of WoW's playerbase has been with WoW for years. We are older (I'm 26) and we have jobs, kids, mortgages, husband, wives... To make the game all daily based is a huge mistake, and not very progressive... I believe dailies started in WotLK?

I love WoW and still want to play it... I just have finally started to feel like I have seen others feel over the years - this game isn't being made for it's players anymore.
Its sad too, I love this expacs design and most of the concepts. I dislike things like the talent "tree" but I can live with it. unfortunately, this is one of those things, if it stays like this I will probably get bored mighty fast and quit playing as I no longer have time to do what I would like to in the game.
I will also throw my hat in agreement (well, antlers).

What I do not understand is their method of choice this expansion. They removed the shoulder/helm enchants from rep grinds because they did not want people to feel they have to rep-grind to have them. Yet... they added a silly amount of necessary rep grinding anyway.

Why bother removing the head/shoulder enchants if I have to raise my faction with the bugs anyway?

I am aware of the changes they will be adding to reputation, and as much of a blessing as it is, it doesn't really excuse the way that it was implemented in the first place. (Dailies started in BC Zorien.) People would have been okay with more tabards to wear to gain reputation, but for some reason the developers decided not to do this. I just don't understand 'why'.

I imagine the developers sitting around talking, someone bringing up a commonsense solution to something. Then suddenly I see Rainbow Dash saying "It needs to be about 40% cooler." (No offense intended to the developers. They didn't do a bad job, just seemed to have made some very odd choices in my eyes.)
I agree with this... So far my favorite expansion except for the amount of dailies that have to be done to get anything done in the game really... its rediculous... only hardcore players *with no job/life* have the time to do them and there arent many of those out there
its 10:45 my time and I am so tired I have to crash, I have been able to actually play (ive been logged in but really not doing anything as my daughter is demanding. not complaining about that but) I have been actually able to do stuff in the game since roughly 9. so for less than 2 hrs. Id still be doing dailies if I chose that route. Today I decided I would rather play pokemons than kill my WoW spirit with dailies. Sadly less than 2 hrs of my time that I get to play finally. I have no desire to spend all of my time doing something as grindy and dumb as dailies the whole time. not happening. Not interested, nor is it interesting.
Then dont do the dailies.
10/14/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Torquen
Then dont do the dailies.

Do nothing and expect everything in return.
That's a good solution. You just learn how to type by yourself?
Klaaxi they did well. You get to honored with them by doing the Mantid quests in Dread Wastes. Then a few days worth of dailies your revered. Revered is all you need for VP gear. The other three factions you need for VP gear? A bit excessive, to put it mildly.

I think they saw a problem in DS with people being able to buy VP gear so easily people got bored. But I think they went too far the other way this time.
Klaaxi they did well. You get to honored with them by doing the Mantid quests in Dread Wastes. Then a few days worth of dailies your revered. Revered is all you need for VP gear. The other three factions you need for VP gear? A bit excessive, to put it mildly.

I think they saw a problem in DS with people being able to buy VP gear so easily people got bored. But I think they went too far the other way this time.

This is what im saying. I spent about 2 hrs doing dailies and I was falling asleep doing my cloud serpent and golden lotus. I dont want to spend the minute time i get to play ONLY doing dailies. I like progressing but with my new found work schedule and being a single mom, all of these dailies leave me just doing dailies to even come close to progressing in any manner.

I want more than just one aspect to the game. I like various aspects. I am also not requesting dailies be removed but holy crap! thats a lot of dailies to do every night to get somewhere. I would even appreciate a tabard at Revered for some of these factions. You can earn rep by doing randoms on occasion to switch it up a bit. Not saying that you can just grind out rep in 1 day right off the bat with a tabard, but working a bit on dailies and other quest lines and then a break for your hard work, but you dont have to stop completely working. Just help alleviate the amount of dailies that are needed. nevermind golden lotus is REQUIRED for 2 other reps... it needs some diversity.
Alright, the first go around it wasn't horrible. It took me a little over three weeks to get exalted with Tillers and just today with Cloud Serpent. I'm nowhere near close to Golden Lotus, Shadowpan, August Celestials, or any of the other good rep groups.

I'll repeat: the first go round wasn't horrible but it was painful. That's not counting my hunter (whom I'm working on now), my enchanter mage (Haven't even dinged to 90), and my JC paladin (Also not dinged). No way. No way am I wasting months to get recipes for those toons, even with the 50% buff we're getting in 5.1. It's just too much.

I don't have the patience or the time to dedicate two to three hours a day doing dailies on every toon. It's not happening. It's absurd, and to think that people think that sinking three hours into 'kill 15 swamp rats' is quality. :\

Alright, I'm done with my rant, now for solutions:

Tabards! For the good of all that's holy, bring back tabards for alts that have reached exalted.

Account-wide reputations for MoP only: extreme maybe, but after forking over the months to grind rep, I feel like it's only fair. Truly, I leveled my alts so I could make things for myself. Not so that I can ignore them and pay the obscene amounts people want for their motes of harmony.

No, these are not new ideas but they are ideas I feel like people would be happy with. Honestly, I know you're trying to keep people engaged the game to keep the subscription time up, but this amount of dailies are insane.
I think the best option for the dailies right now (at least Golden Lotus, Klaxxi, August Celestials and Shado-Pan) would be to knock the health down, increase item drop rates and mob respawn times. Either that or lower the amount of quests but have them give more reputation as a reward, sort of like Anglers faction is right now.

There were a large amount of Firelands dailies that could be done each day yet they were very quick to do, maybe 45 mins tops if you did them all. Right now it takes between 2 1/2 and 3 hours to complete all of the hubs, especially now with Shado-Pan and August Celestials unlocked. That's way too much time to be spending each day on the game to try and keep up.
dailys stink but work stinks more
Blizzard says these dailies are optional content.

Like one poster says, alternate the days - grab one set, do them tomorrow when the population is off doing the next day's quests. Doesn't work for GL but those are the only ones you should do daily - just to unlock others. People need to stop thinking that they have to do them all now RIGHT NOW. It's ok to make this xpac last.

If you're trying to gear for raids, get guild daily parties going. Much quicker and easy peasy in a group.

Unless you're a human char, it's going to take a while to get them all done - but when you're done, you're All done. Faction rep has a definite finish line.

Hint: More gear makes them faster and easier to kill solo.
I hate this damn dailies, 2 hours doing the same every day, Im getting so tired of it, specially when it's so crowded and its a pain to find the damn mobs you gotta kill...its really stressful and NOT fun.

PLEASE increase the respawn times of some mobs.
Don't worry, in the next patch, they are adding even more dailies.

Its overwhelming. They're not optional if you want to actually do anything.

Im not even saying get rid of them. there's a few things that could be done to actually help the amount we are putting into it. tabards after honored or revered, or increased rep gains with levels of rep. rep tokens...something....anything would be helpful. I would actually like to see content out of dailies in the allotted time i get to play each day.
1) There's not a single daily that you have to do.

2) You now have more bang for your WOW buck than ever before.

I cannot speak for others, but I game in general as a source of enjoyment. WOW has so many facets, you should avoid the ones that do not bring you pleasure and focus on the ones that do.

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