Tabard is disappearing.

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Tabard disappears off the armory. I log on and my tarbard is on my char. So I its not deleted and after checking twice he is wearing it. Just on the armor my main and few my alts Tabards just doesn't seem to appear.It's nothing major but was woundering if I some how turned it off some how on the display option or is this a bug?
same here
Same as OP. The gems in my gear are also not showing up (armory is showing that the items have no socket slots at all).
Can confirm this has been happening since yesterday.
Same. My Lorewalker's tabard was on my Armory last night, but disappeared this morning.

On a semi-related note, the armory is saying I have no gems or bonuses from enchants/gems, and the audit is absent.

Everything else is there.
Same here :x I thought I must have accidently lost my Cenarion tabard :O Then I noticed the audit being gone so it must be a bug.

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Same problems here for me (tabard missing, gems missing). It started happening at the same time as the hunter pose was fixed to properly use main hand weapon (instead of the now-nonexistent ranged weapon).

Oddly, after poking at several different armory profiles, it seems like empty gem sockets will appear just fine (though not in the character audit) -- only once they're filled do they appear to entirely vanish.
I have the same problem, my Kirin Tor tabard is an essential part of my transmog so it sucks that it is missing in the armory.
Same here, also my gems and socketts dont show up in the armory.
Looks like my gems are back, but the tabard is still MIA.
I noticed this yesterday on all my toons. :(
same, just cause i havent my chest transmog :/
No tabard. Shame, it complements my 'mog so well. Sunreaver Tabard
I feel so... naked.
No tabard. Shame, it complements my 'mog so well. Sunreaver Tabard

I feel your pain. MY Tabard of the Lightbringer goes so well with my gear
Can we get a confirmation that Blizzard is aware of this?
Same here, I've been wearing my Renowned Guild Tabard for months straight now, it just disappeared yesterday from the armory.
No tabard. Shame, it complements my 'mog so well. Sunreaver Tabard


Oh where oh where has all the tabards gone!
Added to known issues. It appears to be all tabards that are missing. If anyone has a tabard that IS appearing let me know :)
I have some characters with the tabard displaying on their photo but not shown as equipped in the slot. It looks like October 7 is the most recent login I had with those particular characters. Characters updated at some point after that seem to be affected by it not showing in the photo or as equipped.

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