Smelting dark iron quest

Bug Report
I turned in the mats for "The spectral chalice" quest and went to talk to Gloom and he isn't giving an option to teach me the ability. He still acts like i'm currently on the quest and not completed. Was this taken out of the game for some reason or a legit bug? Who knows?!? How the heck to I smelt dark iron by myself now?
it is a bug and the GM's are ignoring it... lots of people have the same issue, and, instead of hear us with more attention, they treat us like noobs and send an in game mail with links of official fan sites who teach us how to do the quest WE ALREADY COMPLETED!!!
Well, I was going to go do this later today, but I guess I'm not. Hopefully it'll get fixed, but I doubt it'll be fixed anytime soon with pandaria and everything.

I've also encountered other bugs and such, and was given unhelpful copy/paste replies from Gm's as well. It's a shame really.
I had the same problem but I just went to BRD again and glom'rel finally gave me the chat option that taught me the skill.

I confirm that as of 12/12/12 in patch 5.1.0a the quest is working again (you do not need to turn in materials again if you had already completed the quest)
Onizuke, while I can appreciate you trying to spread the word, digging up every single thread you can find on the subject to post this information is considered spamming the forum and can result in your account being actioned.

Most of these threads have likely been abandoned by the people who started and contributed to them. It's better to wait for a fresh one to let people know, since more people are likely to be paying attention to it.
I, too, have this same problem. Went to turn in the quest and... nothing.

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