Pet easy lvling tips.(Feel free to add more)

Pet Battles
1. Use pets with heals they're the easiest to lvl and you don't have to use the revive as much. Pets like the Fawn are amazing because they can heal your entire team to get them back up after a rough match.

2. Raise more than one set at a time. You'll need more than 3 because no team is strong against everything.

3. Use strats that exploit not only your enemies weakness but a strength against their main attack type. All strength and weaknesses can be found on WoWpedia.

4. Mechanical, humanoid, and "something with heals" is the easiest combo to level.
A) Mechanical is strong against beasts and a lot of the wild battles will have beasts. Mechanical types also have repair which is very handy.
B) Humanoids are strong against critters, this goes for double when the humanoid has beast type attacks because critters are weak against beasts. They also heal after every turn that they do damage on.
C) "Something that heals" This is where the Fawn, Emerald Whelp, Restless Shadeling come in. They have heals or debuffs that heal your party and help keep 'em topped off. This is good for rough fights where you need to outlast the enemy, capturing where you need to survive a fight until you can nab the pet, or healing to avoid down time on the pet revive and keep on leveling.
I sugest a magic pet such as a spectral cub or a manna worm for against flyers.
10/12/2012 05:46 AMPosted by Rué
I sugest a magic pet such as a spectral cub or a manna worm for against flyers.

Yeah, I prefer the Emerald Whelpling though. Dragons take less damage from flying types and Emerald Whelpling deals magic damage that does a lot to flying types. Also it has a dragon attack that does well for the small times you encounter a magic type.

Emerald bite(magic attac) Hits hard

Moonfire Increases magic damage, hits hard magic damage, increases healing

Emerald Dream/Tranquility heals pet over time.
once you have at least one strong pet at level 25 who can consistently take on a team of wild pets, it becomes easy to twink out new pets.

Put your low level pet in the first slot, and higher pets in the other 2, then go fight something that's just high lvl enough so that your newbie pet can take 1 hit, but not much more. Let them take that hit, then switch out for a stronger pet and finish the group. The noob pet gets a ton of 'difficult' exp. Then, change out the damaged pet for another one, and repeat until your pet heal comes off c/d.
The first three I got to 25 were:
Nether Ray Fry (faction pet, each attack is strong vs. different types)
Curious Wolvar Pup (children's week)
Darkmoon Fair Monkey

Most of the BPs out there are critters, beast, and aquatic. I favored a hard hitting team rather than one that had heals. Knowing what I know now, I'd have swapped the Wolvar Pup with something else since two of his attacks were weak against beasts and the trap is iffy.
Here were my favorite leveling places:

Stranglethorn Vale, both north and south
Eastern Plaguelands
Skeletons in Dragonblight
Troll/Water elemental pools in Zul Drak
10/12/2012 09:51 AMPosted by Hugh
once you have at least one strong pet at level 25 who can consistently take on a team of wild pets, it becomes easy to twink out new pets.

I've been doing that, but not with level 25 pets. Got my Chuck at level 13 or 14, and been crusing around the Hinterlands and Eastern Plaguelands, leveling up my level 1 pets. The lower level pets will grab almost 200 xp, and Chuck gets around 60ish. Not too shabby.

Though I've gotta stop using his bleed. Four times last night I killed rare pets with the bleed when my traps missed over and over.
the quickest way I found to power level pets is the trainers. If you have a pet with a delayed attack (3 rounds) you can time it out so that a level 1 can be power leveled to 10 in one battle. Mechanical pets, crabs have these abilities and can easily handle what ever punishment goes on.
Easiest way to level, and I have yet to see anyone suggest anything easier, is to race a good pet to 25 ASAP, then use pet swapping to level any new pets. As long as your 25 can solo at least a 3 pack of lv 20 wild pets, you'll be doing well with the pet-swap method.

For me, the first pet I did this with was an uncommon Spawn of Onyxia. There are plenty of viable options though. Crabs, spiders, oozes, find one you like and race that baby to 25!
For leveling I use a 25, a low 20's and the pet I want to level team (against level 23-24 Pandarian pets.)

At first your lowest level should only be used for one turn until they get higher.

For max XP it is best to use as few pets as possible and/or sacrifice your level 25 pet since XP is divided amongst the number of pets alive at the end of the fight.

Also if you can solo any of the early pet battle masters (EK/Kalimdor) you will get a lot of XP as well.
As for getting that first pet to 25, leveling it is not the fastest way to go. This is because you can capture pets a few levels higher than the ones you have already, so it's faster to leverage that way.

Take your team of level 7s, capture a team of 9s. Take your team of 9s, capture some 11s. Etc., etc. If the rares are too tough to take this way, capture common 13s, say, and use those to capture rare 13s.

This is certainly the fastest way to get a team of 15s. Don't know if it works past that, but I will in a day or two.
Haha, I didn't even think of that, but it certainly sounds like a decent way to go about getting those first few 25s, who'll then make the rest of your levelling that much easier (in the space of about 2 hours I've gotten 3 pets from 20-25 this evening, with very half-assed gameplay - pretty much just spamming a single attack while re-watching Gundam AGE).
Sadly, the game "only" lets you capture pets 2 levels higher than your highest level. (I think this is how it works.) When I capture a level 16 Adder with my level 13 pets, it downgrades him to level 15. What a gyp!

So there's a limit to how much you can leverage your pets this way.

Still, way faster to "gain" levels for you team by capturing higher levels than by grinding your current pets. The hardest thing becomes finding rare pets you might want to keep the time you find them, you can have a team of uncommons and be capturing pets 2 levels higher.

Reckon I'll worry about that when I've got some 25s to power-level the rares I've left in the dust as I've captured my way to the top.
oily oiling can solo the entire team from farmer nishi in valley of the four winds, have your lvl 1 attack once, then solo with the oiling. 1 fight = lvl 4 etc etc til you can let your oiling die and can survive a hit or 2 with the lvling pet
I used the pet trainers in northrend and two in outland to level 3 and my pets from 22 to 24 in one day. It was a nice change from the regular grind. Getting 1800 xp for one fight is nice to see vs 300 to 130 you get from regular battles.

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