My son found his Tailoring Skill DELETED?

My son plays Tallik.
He logged into his account and has found that his 475 Tailoring skill has been deleted from his Profession. Has this ever happen to anyone? My son is maintaining but I can tell he's pretty upset about this.

He told me he was opening a ticket.... he's 8, that's just freakn cute. :)
it's been awhile since i played but i'm quite sure i had a 450 Alch on my Shaman and it's now at 110... i know i had it cause i remember selling transmute cooldowns. i faction changed, so maybe when i did that it reset? i didn't check it before i FCd.. whateves.
contant blizzard inform them of what ahs happened and try and get your profs restored to you theya re ussually fairly good with this. dates and times etc. would be very handy:)
i put in a ticket for my alch. we'll see what happens.

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