wow, ret is pretty good in pvp

you should add me paladinwtf i find you amazing
whoa! pallys are soooo op right now all i do is click some buttons and win we are better then any other class by far! omg ............................................yes this is a joke not very funny though and i wish it was true -_-

For the love of god, give it a rest, buddy. If you really feel that gimped, why don't you play a different class or spec? You're not even close to being good or even halfway decent at trolling, so all you're doing is making yourself look like a whining child.

Ret would be considered OP if they were to up the sustained damage too much, because our utility and burst would make for an unstoppable force. Ret has been OP for a while now and it's just lately started to balance out Get over it. Playing something that's too OP isn't even fun, unless you're a talentless, piece of garbage and you can't succeed without being OP?

Finally, they haven't even released the first MoP patch yet. Who knows, maybe they plan on changing a few things here in a couple months? Maybe not. But to sit around and cry about it all day long just makes you look pathetic.

So, if that was your intentions, you've definitely succeeded.


10/13/2012 03:02 AMPosted by Sharrow
I don't. I do think he needs to ease back on the bitterness by several notches though.

And perhaps look over his strategies.
If it takes me less damage to kill people than other classes who am I to complain?
well its a good think noxxic is completely irrelevant to people who have a damned clue of what they are doing isnt it?
Lvl 90 talents are MEH.
I don't understand. There is plenty of proof that pallies do well and obvious problems with the gear / playstyle of those people complaining about damage. Until I read that the skilled players have trouble with damage I'm going to write off the complaints as QQ because that's just what all video game forums are like.

and even if it's difficult, wouldn't it be a challenge to mitigate any weaknesses the class has with pure skill? What happened to making something "UP" shine?
I could probably do more then 5 mil in a BG. As prot. Naked. Wielding a large fish and trash can.

Well...maybe not, my average is around 11-12m and usually 3rd or 4th on healing.

It's not hard being balanced out in two roles, we aren't Warriors or Death Knights, after all.
In PvP there IS no rotation, perhaps that is why youre having problems Agincourt... the only thing you need to keep up is inquisition the rest is situational really...and hammer ppl with as many TVs as you can etc....

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