What's so bad about being flavor of the month? If a player leveled his or her toon then that person deserves the honor of being a bad --- class. I believe that a lot of people who use that term are envious and angry that they are getting stomped on by these classes. And also those who complain to others who temporarily quit the rogue for a couple patches or until they do something to better it are called "fotm" regardless of what class they choose to play.

Well, I hate my rogue. It's not fun so I'm going to go be fotm and drop this ----ty class.
And you're all a bunch of Squidwards for not doing the same.
I'm gonna play my dk cuz top dps in the werld iz a dk.

Wait, wut?
The reason many of us laugh at FOTM players is because these players often believe that they are "really skilled", top notch players. In actuality, they are just using an OP class as their crutch to get decent Arena/RBG ratings and boost their epeen.

When said OP class is brought back in line these player's true colors are shown and they just move on to the next OP class.

That is why we laugh at FOTM players.

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