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What's the deal with this guys exactly? They are supossed to help us but after three days doing their dailys the only thing they have helped me do is gather enemys that are not in combat with me. They probably have the worst AI seen in WoW since its beginning.

I will explain with an example: I pull an elite for a quest the companion begins fighting with him, helping me... until another elite (or any other mob) run "close" to us (I was unable to hit the new adds with heroic leap "40" yards away, but the companion charged to them with no problem) then the combat transformed into an addfest since he didn't stopped to gather adds until he was dead or managed to kill all the adds.
Same thing happened to me. Better off not using a Shado-Pan companion. Just ended up being me vs 5 elites and 20 adds.
Taoshi puts a debuff on your target that makes you hit harder. I haven't had problems with her pulling extra stuff either.
Using Taoshi today, I had the same problem with her... she goes to attack things even 100yds away that I didn't had on screen.
The same thing has happened to me, both with Taoshi in the Klaxxi area and the tank NPCs (Chao the voice, etc.) in the yaungol daily area. It makes the shado-pan dailies incredibly unpleasant, even in a group with 4 other people. The only reason I keep the NPC around is to be able to turn the quests in.

In the lower area where the guys that summon mobs of ghosts at one point I think the entire area was pulled between our group and a group of hordies doing the dailies. We hadn't even intended to do it, it's just the NPCs kept running around to whatever was in combat nearby regardless of whether or not we had the tag. The NPCs the hordies were using were doing the same things.
The general aggroing everything in 20 yards is quite annoying and needs to be fixed.
Never had an issue. Even if my NPC guy pulls more, i can deal with it. Learn your classes better?
Learn to read better Margerdria? Mo one said that cannot handle what the NPCs do, so learn to read, please.

The problem with the NPCs is that they should always be helpful and not annoying.

Seems like the caster ones don't have this problem... they seem to only attack aggroed enemies and CC extra adds.
After trying more quest and different companions, definitely the Shado-Pan quest are the worst questline from all MoP.

The caster companions were the only ones remotely useful, Taoshi could've been useful if she always attacked same target as me... but she doesn't :(
Unless I can use the Priest companion, I don't like to use any.

They're more of a pain than they're worth and the dailies are generally far easier without them.
I have enjoyed all of them. I get confused by this post. It's all very exhilarating, after the epic fights, I want to high five the companion. I don't know. I'm having fun with them being so into fighting the mogu/bugs/oxen
After the first day of doing those dailies with a companion I said, "Never again." They're far more trouble than they're worth.
I agree, the companions are poorly designed. You people saying learn to play or whatever, would you tolerate that same stuff from an actual player or would you kick them?

I would tolerate them and not kick. Done it before. If we survive, then it was an exhilarating stituation.
Colour me odd; but I like the companions.

Easier to kill stuff when they just show up; and I don't have to try and gather them.
And Taoshi's little debuff makes... well I got a 1.3 million shadow burn crit thanks to her!
Taoshi is awesome, Chao the Voice is ok, and the mage is serviceable but doesn't help that much. I'll do it myself rather than use any of the others.
They seem better at least, thanks Blizz.
Protector Yi is awesome! Barely took any damage with him as my tank.

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