Action Bar Ability Profiler?

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Is there an addon that remembers the placement of abilities on action bars and recalls their positions through profiles?

I have a specific layout in order to play this game - with a Logitech G13 GamePad and the Razer Naga - but when I travel I hardly have the G13 with me. I have all of my abilities bound to keys on my G13 and placed in correspondance to where my fingers are rested. When I want to use my laptop's regular keypad, I want to be able to switch between the layout for my G13 and the default layout.

The layout itself can easily be saved from addon profiles, but I want to be able to change where abilities are placed when switching profiles.

If anyone needs and further elaboration, I'll be happy to provide it. All I ask is if whether or not an addon like his exists somewhere. It gets pretty tedious to have to move around my abilities every time I change my action bar layout.

EDIT: Preferably an addon that is compatible with the latest version of ElvUI.
Try this:

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